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Talks / Interviews


"When power protects: In Hollywood and politics, a history of hiding abuse"

Washington Post, October 19, 2017

"Trumps Sehnsucht Nach Einem Happyend" [Trump's Longing for a Happy Ending], Die Zeit Online, January 2017

"You'll Never See the 'Populist' Donald Trump in Jeans or in a T-Shirt," Quartz, October 2016

"Welcome Insomnia [24-hour Nightlife Coming to Mumbai]," Mumbai Mirror, April 2015


"Forgetting the Tonkin Gulf Incident: Historical Omission on the 50th Anniversary," HOTCUS Winter Symposium, University of Canterbury, UK, February 2015

​“Participant in roundtable discussion, ‘State of the Field: American Popular Culture,’" Organization of American Historians annual meeting, Atlanta, April 2014

“Speaking on ‘The New Deal and Hollywood,’"  Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual meeting, Seattle, March 2014


“Schwarzenegger Strays From Hollywood-to-Politics Precedent With Super Bowl Ad," US News and World Report

​​"How Ashley Judd Can Overcome Daily Caller's Sexist Hollywood Stigma," US News and World Report

"The Harlem Shake is Dead: Long Live the Harlem Shake," TIME


Feature, WNEW radio, Washington, DC

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